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Personal support is no longer provided over Twitter or Email.

If you are a patron, you can still contact us on Patreon.

I have a question about the game.

Please check the FAQ and Questions page first.

If you can't find them there, you can ask them on our Questions Forum

I want to report a bug.

You can report them in the Bugs Forum

I want to report a user.

If the issue is minor, you should block the person. Otherwise you can report them in the Report Users Forum along with relevant screenshots.

I want you to ban someone.

You can only report users. You will not be deciding their punishment.

I have a suggestion.

We are not taking suggestions at this time, but if you still want to share them, you can post them in our Suggestions Forum

Can you give me a pokemon?

No. You should obtain it on your own.

Can this pokemon be the next event?

No. You should obtain it on your own.

I want to appeal my ban!

There is a separate page for this.

If you do end up contacting us, remember the following

  • Messages must be in English. Messages in other languages will be ignored.
  • Mention your username. We are not psychic.
  • There is only one person managing the game and reading your messages, replies will take time, and not all messages will receive replies.