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What is the limit on the exp on one pokemon?

The exp limit at this time is 250,000,000

Do note that Exp received will increase when the Pokemon reaches 10 Million Exp, and will then start halving beginning at 50 Million and at every 50 million interval from there on.

What is the limit on coins that can be obtained?

Maximum coins is limited to 25,000,000. You will have to start spending it to continue receiving coins from battles and elsewhere.

What is the limit on battle wins?

Battle wins are capped at 500,000

Exp received in battle is halved every 100,000 battles. This will stack with halved exp from pokemon exp at every 50 million interval.
Using separate accounts to bypass this will result in a ban.
(Patrons who have pledged $3 or over on Patreon are exempt from this halving.)

What is the limit on pokemon I can have in my accounts?

The limit on the amount of pokemon you can have in one account at a time is 15,000.

You can however have a total of 20,000 across all your accounts. It is possible to be banned for having more than this amount.

How was this site made?

A list of everything used to make and run this website posted on our About page.

Is ABC for XYZ a fair trade?

If you think it is worth it, just go for it. If you think it is unfair, reject it. There are no set trade values for pokemon. If someone tells you something is worth a lot more than you think it is, don't trade with them

When was DelugeRPG site started?

On March 30th (31st in some timezones) 2009. It used to be known as PokemonDeluge.

After how many steps will I encounter a Legendary or Mythical Pokemon?

Thats not how it works. A dice is rolled on each step you take, so there is an equal chance of getting a rare pokemon on each step. So, your past encounters have no effect on your future steps/encounters.

See our page on Probability for more info.

Is the Daily Raffle reward the same for everyone?

Nope. Its randomly selected for each account. So, your friends will have received something different than the one you got.

What does this mean? "There are 23726 Normal, 374 Shiny, 1116 Metallic, 1078 Ghostly, 558 Dark, 717 Shadow Giratina (Origin)(s) on DelugeRPG"

Thats the number of pokes that exist in Users' Accounts. These numbers do not indicate how rare a pokemon is, because it do. It does not account for the Pokemon that have been released or those that appeared to someone on the map but did not end up being caught.

The 'Skip Pokemon Selection' button is missing!

This button is hidden from people using adblock. This is intentional.

How many pokemon can be included in a Trade Offer?

A Maximum of 100 Pokemon can be Offered in a single Trade Offer. The Maximum Exp that can be included in an offer is 1,000,000,000.