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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find more details at our wiki and the Less Frequently Asked Questions page there.
What is DelugeRPG?
DelugeRPG is an online game where you can catch pokemon, trade them and even battle them against other players.
Will my personal information be visible to other players?
Nope. We use your email only in case you forget your password and want to recover it. Only your username and in-game stats will be visible to other users.
What are the basics I need to know to play the game?
When you log in for the first time, you can go through a simple intro to help you understand the game. Once you're done, you can choose your starter pokemon. To catch more Pokemon, simply move around on one of the maps until one appears. You can battle this Pokemon and try to capture it. If you capture it, it will be added to your team and you can use it to battle your friends and catch more Pokemon! You can also go through the intro when you sign up.
Where is the Pokemon Center? How do I heal a pokemon after battle?
There is no Pokemon Center in this game. All your pokemon are automatically healed after each battle.
I evolved my [pokemon] and now its not in my pokedex!
Only the pokemon you currently have in your account are shown in the pokedex. So, say you want to have all the three stages of Squirtle in your pokedex, you will have to obtain 3 squirtles and then evolve two of them to Wartortle and Blastoise. This is different from the video games since all pokemon are available on DelugeRPG and they are pretty easy to catch.
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What are the differences between Normal, Shiny, Dark, Shadow, Ghostly, Metallic and Mirage Pokemon?
  • Dark pokemon have 25% more attack power.
  • Shiny pokemon have 25% more HP.
  • Ghostly pokemon can scare the opponent. (this is similar to flinching)
  • Metallic pokemon are immune to status ailments (e.g sleep,burn,freeze, poison etc.)
  • Shadow pokemon disable the ability of Metallics and Ghostlys. (i.e, Ghostlys cannot make Shadow pokemon flinch. Shadow pokemon can cause status ailments to Metallics pokemon).
  • Chrome pokemon get 35% more HP. And 50% higher chances of a critical hit.
  • Normal pokemon do not have any special ability.

The ability of Mirage pokemon changes depending on the opponent's type. 20% more attack against Dark. 35% more attack against Chrome. Gains 20% HP against Shiny. Copies the ability of Ghostly and Metallic pokemon when fighting against them. On facing Shadow pokemon, it transfers all its ailments to the opponent (if your pokemon is poisoned, it heals itself and poisons the opponent). Mirage pokemon lose 10% health against normal pokemon.

Here is their order from the most common to the rarest:
(Most common) Normal -> Metallic,Ghostly,Shadow,Dark -> Shiny,Mirage -> Chrome (Rarest)
(The ones grouped together have the same rarity)
Why do Mirage Pokemon have a weakness?
This was added with the Live Battle in mind. It tries to create a kind of rock-paper-scissor effect, where no one type is the best. What matters is how and when you use them.
Whats +Atk, +Def and +Spe?
Pokemon with +Atk and +Def will have better attack or defense respectively in battles. This will also stack up with any type boosts they may have. +Spe pokes will attack before any non +Spe pokemon in battle.
How do I catch legendary Pokemon?
Once you beat the gyms and elite four of a particular region, you can find legends of that region randomly appearing on all maps. Beat all gyms,elite four and dojos to unlock all legendaries. Do note that legends are pretty rare when compared to normal pokemon, so they will not appear all the time.

Legendary pokemon tend to have slightly higher attack and defense in battle.

Not sure which pokemon is a legendary? Check the legends page on our wiki
What are unique pokemon?
This is the number of different pokemon you have. For example, two shiny totodiles will count as one unique pokemon, whereas, one shiny cyndaquil and one ghostly cyndaquil are two unique pokemon.
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What is the rarest pokemon?
There is no one particular pokemon that is the rarest. Legendary pokemon and special pokemon (metallic,dark etc) are generally rarer than normal pokemon. So, shiny lugia is as rare as a shiny kyogre, but rarer than a normal lugia or a ghostly abra.
How much is [pokemon name] worth?
If you're trading, the values are decided by the two parties involved in the trade. Don't let others tell you theres a set value for every pokemon.
Where is [pokemon name] found?
All Pokemon appear randomly on the maps. However, some Pokemon only appear on certain tiles. e.g water pokemon will appear in the water.
You can check the Pokedex to check where a particular pokemon is commonly found.
How do you switch pokemon in your team with a Pokemon in your Pokemon box?
Move your mouse to the "Pokemon" box and a drop box will show, then click on the "Change Team" option. Once there you can change your team by dragging a Pokemon from your Pokemon box from below, to your team.

In case you have javascript disabled, go to Your Team and click replace in the spot where you want to put the new pokemon.
How do I get on the Top Trainers list or the Top Collectors list?
It takes a lot of time and patience to get to the top. You need to have a lot of high level Pokemon with a lot of experience, and many, many battles won to get to the top 50 trainers. To get to the top collectors though, simply get as many unique (different) Pokemon as you can.
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What is the Daily Raffle?
The Daily Raffle is a reward for logging in once a day. Users that login more often get better rewards. The rewards include items, pokemon, in-game coins and a few special events like encountering legends or special pokemon more often or more money and exp from gyms, all for a limited time.
Daily Raffle on our wiki
Can I battle my friends and how do I do it? (called live/online battle/PvP in most games)
Yes. Select 'Live Battle' from under the 'Battle' dropdown. It requires that your friend has enabled live battle on their profile. This feature is still under testing.
Can I battle other people when they are not online?
You can battle people who aren't online by going to the "Battle" dropdown and selecting "Computer Battle". However, their Pokemon will be computer controlled.
What is Inverse Battle?
During an Inverse Battle, type matchups are reversed. Any type that would be resistant or immune to another type is now weak to that type instead; also, any type that would be weak to another type is now resistant to that type instead. See Bulbapedia for more info.
How do I add/remove Friends?
You can go to their profile via Profile → Search Users → Enter the username. When the profile appears, Click on 'Add to Friends' or 'Remove from Friends' whichever may apply.
You will also find a list of friends under Profile → Friends and Ignores.
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What are the stones (ie: Moon Stone, Water Stone, Thunder Stone, etc.)? Where do I purchase them?
Some Pokemon need stones to evolve. On DelugeRPG, these evolutionary stones are free, you do not need to purchase them, they'll be used at the time of evolution automatically.
I can't seem to find [attack name] on DelugeRPG. When is it going to be added?
Only attacks that do physical damage and cause status ailments have been added to DelugeRPG. It is unlikely that the attacks that have to do with detailed pokemon data or take multiple turns or depend on the weather etc., would be added.
Why are some attacks so expensive?
Attacks that are not normally learnt by your pokemon or do not share a type with your pokemon are much more expensive. If you want an attack that is unusual for your Pokemon, it would cost more to teach them that attack that it would if the attack was native to it.
What do the points mean?
The points are calculated from your total experience, average experience, unique pokemon and total battles won. They are the same points displayed on the top trainers list and are meant to show your relative progress.
My points went down!! What happened?
Like mentioned above, points are calculated from your total experience, average experience, unique pokemon and total battles won. Catching a lvl 5 pokemon would decrease your average experience. But if you didn't already have that particular pokemon, your unique count would have gone up. So your points may go up or down depending on the changes that happen to these factors.
Where do I buy items?
You may purchase Items from the PokeMart which is under the Profile link on the menubar.
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How do I get more in-game money?
The simplest way to obtain more in-game money is by battling. Gym battles tend to pay higher. Also, you might be able to make more money if you receive 2xGYM or 4XGYM reward in the Daily Raffle. You can also sell any spare items at the pokemart for 25% of its value.
Someone contacted me saying they were staff of DelugeRPG and want my password or want me to change my email. Should I do it? He says I'll get free legends!
Absolutely not. Staff of DelugeRPG will never require your password, so don't believe anyone who asks for your password regardless of who they are. If you change your email to someone else's you are giving them the opportunity to use the password retrieval system to change your password, so don't do it.

Read how you can stay safe from scammers and hackers.
I got a message about a battle tournament. How do I participate?
There are no official battle tournaments. If someone messaged you about one and asked for your password, you should report them at or Email Us.
How do I make sure I don't get scammed?
If people are asking for your password or telling you to change your email or pass, you should know they're just trying to get control of your account and nothing else.

For more details, please refer to our guide on protecting your account at out wiki.
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What should I not do? (Game Rules)
  • Trying to automate anything in the game using scripts or tools
  • Trying to bypass any features that have limits per account (daily raffle/events/quick trades) by creating many accounts
  • Trading or selling your DelugeRPG accounts/pokemon for actual money or items/accounts from another game
  • Swearing, threatening, blackmailing or posting hateful messages to other users - in-game, on the forums, chat, our social media pages
  • Trying to steal other people's accounts/pokemon
* Each of the above can result in a permanent ban.
(Also see the question below)

Do not share accounts. You are responsible for all consequences that come with such arrangements.
I've found a glitch in the game, what should I do about it?
You should report it as soon as you can at You may also Email Us. Anyone found abusing a glitch of some beneficial nature will be subject to a ban.
When I try to login, I keep getting a message that 'your session has expired'.
This site uses cookies to login to the game. If the 'Session Expired' page always appears when you try to login, this means cookies might not be enabled on your browser.
You can check if your browser is accepting cookies from us here. Change your cookie settings to accept cookies and this problem should go away.
If the above doesn't work, try this. If neither work, we suggest you upgrade your browser to the latest version.
I forgot my password! What can I do?
If you provided your email, you can go to the login page and click on Forgot Password. It is not possible to recover an account if you never set an email on it.
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Where can I see the latest updates?
For News, Events and Updates, you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+
What are events and where do I claim them?
We give out free pokemon on special occasions and on weekends. We usually post the links to them on Twitter, Facebook and Google+
What does 'Login with Google/Yahoo/Facebook' mean?
It allows you to automatically log into your DelugeRPG account without a password (You should still use a strong password and remember it) as long as you are logged into Google/Yahoo/Facebook and have allowed our Application.
How do I unlink my account from my Google/Yahoo/Facebook profile?
Follow instructions at
NOTE: If you do not remember your password. Set an email in your profile, use password recovery, make sure you're able to login with your password and then unlink your DelugeRPG account.
How do I delete my account?
Accounts cannot be deleted by yourself. You may simply stop logging in and the account will eventually be deleted. (We do not store any personal data. If you have set an email, you may set it to an empty one)
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