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Problem: Home page says you have offers when you don't

Visit Show Only Offers page and the problem should go away

Problem: 'Trade' and 'Release' options are missing even when the poke is not in your team

Visit Change Team page and click Save

Problem: Glitched pokemon in team (0 Level)

Visit Change Team page and click Save

Problem: Missing Pokemon

Visit Offers page and it should free any pokes that are stuck in a trade offer. Go back to Your Pokemon page to see if your pokes are back.

You can also try visiting Change Team page and clicking Save

Fixing Browser Issues

The following usually help if there is an issue only you or a small number of users are facing.

Make sure JavaScript is Enabled

All modern websites make use of javascript, so its a good idea to have this enabled.

Refresh Cache for a Single Page

If your problem is only happening on one page, Do Ctrl+F5 (Hold the Ctrl key and then hit F5 at the top left of your keyboard), and let the page refresh. This will cause the scripts and stylesheets to be re-downloaded. This helps if the saved copy of our files in your browser is corrupted or outdated.

Clear All Browser Cache

Your browser stores static content(images,stylesheets,scripts) from the sites you visit often. Clearing the cache means your browser will have to download these all over again when you next visit those sites. This shouldn't be a problem. This will usually solve visual glitches and any site features that aren't working only for you.

Clear your browser's cookies

Do this only for login problems. If you know how only delete sites for a particular domain, do it only for and (or

If you clear all cookies, you will be logged out of all the websites you're logged into on your browser.
You will have to log in again on all those sites.

Cloudflare Gateway Error / Error 500

If you get this, wait for a few minutes and refresh the page. If you're getting it on every reload, come back to the site in half an hour or so
We use Cloudflare to make the site faster. And most likely one of their servers closest to you is down. They usually fix it within minutes.
You can check Cloudflare System Status to see if they're working on it

Website Slow / Not Loading

Unless the website is showing errors occasionally, this is probably due to internet issues. This issue can be anywhere between you and our servers, so some websites may still continue to work fine for you while others don't.

My facebook works fine - Large and popular sites like facebook or youtube can afford to install servers locally in your town to speed up their sites which helps them work even when your Internet Service Provider is having general connectivity issues. Small sites like ours have our servers in a single location for the entire planet, so your requests and our site's response still need to make their way to the other end. Any connectivity issues in this path will affect the speed and availability of the site.

I have a 1Gbps connection - For a site like ours, that is comparatively light on network resources, a high download speed will not have any effect on the speed of the site. In theory, a stable 1mbps connection will be as good as a 1000mbps connection to play this game.

The best you can do to fix this issue is to wait until it goes away. Or try resetting your internet connection.

Cloudflare Verification

If you are regularly seeing the Cloudflare Verification page, it is very likely due to your IP address or one close to it being involved in a recent cyber attack.

Unless you specifically pay your Service Provider not to, your IP address changes frequently. That means the IP address you have today, may be assigned to a different customer of theirs tomorrow and it may have been assigned to someone else yesterday. So it's very likely the problem is due to someone else's device being infected and previously having your IP address or one close to it.

That said, it is always a good idea to regularly scan your Computers for viruses. And to uninstall apps by unknown authors from your phone.