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Game Rules

You can be permanently banned for any of the following:-

  • Trying to modify or automate anything in the game using scripts or tools.
  • Using more than one account to bypass limitations of an account (such as, but not limited to, daily raffle/events/quick trades/battling/catching pokemon).
    You may, however, keep a few additional accounts for storage, trading or handling trade messages.
    You may not simultaneously train or catch pokemon on multiple accounts. You may not use your spare accounts for exp training.
    Such accounts must be marked as Secondary Accounts under Profile Preferences.
  • Abusing bugs or misusing any features of the game in any other way than for their intended purpose.
  • Trading or buying/selling your DelugeRPG accounts/pokemon for actual money or items/accounts from another game. You may not trade accounts, or pokemon for accounts. Only trading of pokemon on DelugeRPG for other pokemon on DelugeRPG is allowed.
  • Swearing, Spamming, Threatening, Impersonating, Harassing, Blackmailing or posting hateful messages to other users - in-game, on the forums, chat, our social media pages.
  • Do not defame and insult other users in your profile message.
  • Trying to steal other people's accounts/pokemon. Asking other users to share their account or pokemon, or asking for their passwords.
  • Using inappropriate usernames, avatars or pokemon nicknames. Also do not use as avatars, celebrity faces or faces of other people.
  • Shared accounts must be marked as Secondary Accounts under Profile Preferences. If you log into the game from someone else's device who also plays the game, you need to mark your account as Secondary.
  • If you inherit an account from someone else, you are responsible for any and all rule violations committed by the previous owner.
  • Similarly, if you share your account with anyone else, you are responsible for any and all rule violations committed by any of the people sharing the account.
  • Accounts with more than 10,000 battles are not allowed to be shared by multiple users and may not switch owners. That is, if you're quitting, you may give away your pokemon to others, but not the account itself. This is due to a high amount of conflicts among such users leading to increased reported issues.
  • Apparently some people need to be told this. Any promotion of alcohol/drugs/smoking/banned substances or adult content will result in a ban. This is not a place to discuss or debate such topics.

Note: Merely attempting to break these rules will result in a ban. We don't really care if you're a success or failure in your attempts.


  • Keep all trade related talk limit to the in-game messaging sytem.
  • Randomly moving trade talk to social media or elsewhere may be assumed to an attempt to scam or buy/sell pokemon.
  • Do not split trades unless you are willing to lose your pokemon to the other person.
  • Merging and sharing accounts will not help you get into the Leaderboards. It's what gets you kicked out of the Leaderboards.
  • Remember this is not a dating website. Do not attempt to flirt with or send inappropriate messages to others.
  • That person with the attractive profile pic flirting with you for a pokemon trade is definitely a guy. Yes, that facebook profile is fake too. They do it because it works on stupid people.
[Last Updated 30 April 2020]