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Game Rules

You can be permanently banned for any of the following:-

  • Trying to modify or automate anything in the game using scripts or tools.
  • Trying to bypass any features that have limits per account (daily raffle/events/quick trades) by creating multiple accounts.
  • Abusing bugs or misusing any features of the game other than for their intended purpose.
  • Trading or selling your DelugeRPG accounts/pokemon for actual money or items/accounts from another game. You may not trade accounts, or pokemon for accounts. Only trading of pokemon on DelugeRPG for other pokemon on DelugeRPG is allowed.
  • Swearing, spamming, threatening, harassing, blackmailing or posting hateful messages to other users - in-game, on the forums, chat, our social media pages.
  • Trying to steal other people's accounts/pokemon. Asking other users to share their account or pokemon, or asking for their passwords
  • Using inappropriate usernames, avatars or pokemon nicknames. Also do not use as avatars, celebrity faces or faces of people who did not give you permission to do so.
  • If you inherit an account from someone else, you are responsible for any and all rule violations committed by the previous owner.
  • Similarly, if you share your account with anyone else, you are responsible for any and all rule violations committed by any of the people sharing the account

Special mention for the idiots who pretend to be girls, using female avatars and flirt with people for trades; You will be banned.

Do not share accounts. You are responsible for all consequences that come with such arrangements.

[Last updated October 2019]