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DelugeRPG Community Chat

- Note -

  • This chatroom is run by users of DelugeRPG. It is not affiliated with the game.
  • The chatroom staff are NOT game staff; and therefore cannot help you with any in-game matters.
    You would still need to use the Forums (or any other method mentioned on the Contact page) to bring any game issues to the attention of the admin.
  • Similarly, the game admin cannot help you with any matters relating to this chat.
  • The chat has rules of it's own. Please read them before you start chatting there.
  • As the chat is run independently, we cannot assure that they attempt to uphold the same values as the game tries to.
  • As always, don't share your password with other people no matter who they claim to be. Do not set any email on your account that does not belong to you. Use common sense.

( If you wish to use the Discord app, you can use the invite link )