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The Secret Magic of Stats

NOTE: This page is here only for people interested in understanding how stats are decided in this game.
Understanding this page will not help you catch pokemon with stats or give you any sort of advantage over people who do not undersand it.
This is simply here for those who are curious.

How are stats calculated?

Stats are calculated based on the Pokemon ID of the pokemon.

If the Pokemon ID is divisible by a certain number X, it is given the stat. If it is divisible by Y or Z, the associated stats and are given.

How is the Pokemon ID calculated?

It is not calculated. The very first pokemon in the game had the ID of #1. Each pokemon obtained thereafter has the next number as their ID.

That means if your Pokemon's ID is #150269610, that means it is the 150,269,610th pokemon obtained in this game. It's that simple.

Here 'obtained' can mean caught, chosen as a starter, received from events and raffles.

What does this mean?

This means the rate of pokemon with stats is permanent. It cannot be changed. Because if that X in the above divisibility test is changed, all pokemon that have the stat will lose that stat and some other pokemon will receive that stat. And Pokemon losing their stats is not desirable.

This permanence also means the rate is same for everyone, all the time. And that applies even to pokemon obtained in the game even before stats were added

Then how do Wild Pokemon have Stats?

They don't. They get their stats only after they have been caught.

Does this mean the three stats have different rarity?

Yes. The X, Y and Z numbers cannot be the same... because maths. Otherwise you would not get Pokemon with more than one stat.

How do I know you are not lying?

While I will not be sharing the values of X, Y and Z, it should not be very hard to figure out the numbers. Once you know the values, stats of any Pokemon can be independently verified.

If we figure out the values, will it be changed?

You haven't been paying attention to what you've been reading on this page.

Where can I see the Pokemon ID of my Pokemon?

It's visible at the end of the trade/release/change attacks urls.

Should I be obsessed by stats?

No, it's silly.

Set your own goals; goals that make you happy.
Don't collect pokemon with stats just because other players collect them.