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You can share the links to your profile page, trades page etc using these short urls. They're easier to remember and well.. short(er)


This links to a user's profile page. You can also share this with people who don't play, Users don't need to be logged in to see this.


This links to a user's trades page. You can also specify the type filter[username]/trade/shiny


This links to the page that displays all of a user's pokemon. Like trade, you can also specify a type filter here.


This will take one to the computer controlled battle against the user.

Private Message[username]/message

Users will be taken to the Compose Message section with the username already filled in

User Pokedex[username]/pokedex

This takes one to the user's pokedex page, with all the pokemon they have collected, marked with pokeballs

Pokedex Info[pokemon]/dex

This links to the pokemon's pokedex info page.

Forum Thread[forum id]/[topic id]

This links to the particular topic on the forum. In a forum url, the number after f= is the forum id, and the number after t= is the topic id. You can also simply visit and generate the short url.